Catalyst for sustainable change.

C40 Reinventing Cities

Location: 5th Avenue and Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
Size: 85,000 SF
Type: Design Competition, Mixed-Use, Retail, Multi-Family and Live/Work

180527_Front Render.jpg

Catalyzing Urban Regeneration, most advanced yet actionable seeks to link the ambitious goals of the C40 initiative to the role lighthouse projects play in advancing dialogue around climate action. At the human scale, the proposal sought to catalyze the East Garfield Park community, leveraging social and technological innovation to aid social change, seeking to stem decades of disinvestment. The design concept leveraged modular construction and passive design to achieve a smart, carbon neutral development. Initiated by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, Reinventing Cities was an unprecedented global design competition held 2017-2019 to inspire carbon neutral and resilient urban regeneration. 14 cities identified 31 underutilized spaces, seeking ideas for new beacons of sustainability and resiliency, linking aspirational architecture and local community benefits. According to the Mayors of the participating cities, “We hope Reinventing Cities will set new standards of carbon-neutral and resilient development and will enable the implementation of projects across a wide range of architecture, typology and usage. With this competition, we are calling the private actors to work with us to identify new solutions and to deliver the city of tomorrow, today.” Contributing a vision for the city-owned parcels in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood, Campbell Coyle and Krueck + Sexton Architects led a team comprised of Skender, Atelier Ten, Luftwerk, Terry Guen Design Associations, David Mason and OMNI Ecosystems. Partners and advisors included a number of community centered organizations.

C40 REINVENTING CITIES   A global competition for innovative carbon-free and resilient urban projects


A global competition for innovative carbon-free and resilient urban projects